National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Posted by Paula on Mar 15th 2021

Dogs are man's best friend. This is a universal truth that nobody can deny - not even cat-lovers. These adorable nearly human creatures make great companions and are like having an extra family member. Which is why only a puppy parent knows how hard it is to leave your pet pal at home day after day while going to the office, weddings, parties, or any gathering. A true dog-lover wants to take their dog with them wherever they go - life is so much better with pets around – but, unfortunately, that isn’t always possible.

Benefits of Workplace Bonding

Love and companionship aren’t the only reasons to bring your pets with you though. Various studies have shown that bringing pets to the workplace has many proven positive effects. It makes the environment less stressful and reduces anxiety, thus boosting the work efficiency of dog-owners. Having dogs at work decreases blood pressure and increases physical activity.

Thousands of companies have created pet-friendly offices where employees are allowed to bring their pets to work most days. However, not every company is so progressive with their pet friendly policies but, often times, even when these companies don’t allow you to bring your dog to work every day they still let employees bring their dogs on National Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Everyday Can Be Your Dog's Day!

National Bring Your Dog to Work day is celebrated on June 21st. But why only celebrate dogs on a single day? What about the other 364 days of the year? Well, even if you don’t have the luxury of having a pet friendly office, you don’t have to go through the upsetting experience of leaving your dog at home. Here is good news for dog-owners. You can take your dog to work every day and celebrate your puppy love because your adorable pet deserves it!

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Sharing is Caring!

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