Take Your Pet Anywhere With Custom Pet Heads

Take Your Pet Anywhere With Custom Pet Heads

Posted by Paula on Mar 1st 2021

Do you adore your pet and wish you could take it with you wherever you go? You’re not alone. Undoubtedly, having a pet is one of the best privileges of being human. Their cute presence is enough to motivate you to become a responsible pet owner, likely one who hates to leave their pet behind when they step outside.

We all are well aware of the fact that pets are not allowed inside many places, such as offices, churches, hospitals, graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, etc. And we hate this fact, right? Who wants to leave their pet home alone while enjoying some great moments outside?

If you relate to the situations above, you’ll love hearing more about our solution.


Pets are perfect for cuddling with on a bad day and amusing you with their shenanigans, hence, the majority of us find ways to express our admiration and love for these little creatures. Some buy cutesy toys or treats and document their pet's reaction to their gifts, while others get custom pet head prints to celebrate their pets.

Pawprints HQ offers large-scale, high-quality cutouts of your pet’s sweet face that you can proudly display in your workplace. Spice up your cubicle with a picture of your favorite pooch. On the go? Order a personalized kitty keychain to remember your feline friend wherever life takes you. In this way, you will never feel the absence of your beloved pet.

This pseudo-pet-presence will change your daily routine. You’ll love having your pet’s picture in the office, where you can see it, touch it, hold it. The only thing better is returning home to your real pet each day.

Celebrate a special occasion with a large-scale cutout of your pet. Surprise your graduate with a cutout of her dog. Show your support for your son’s basketball team by letting him know his cat is cheering him on. Maybe your grandmother’s Pomeranian can’t visit the hospital, but a high-quality cutout will be sure to cheer her up! Include your pet in locations and celebrations where they may not welcome in the fur.


The world is evolving for better lifestyles, fewer problems, and more solutions. PawPrintsHQ’s solution for pet-free occasions is adorable cat and dog cutouts you can display or take with you anywhere. Order your customized pet print now!