Taking Your Family Pet to College

Taking Your Family Pet to College

Posted by Paula on Apr 1st 2021

Aside from when your kids get married, the day they leave your house to head off to college might possibly be one of the happiest sad days as a parent. Or maybe it‘s the saddest happy day. Whichever it is, you’re proud and you hope their four years at college are four of the best years of their life. However, going to college offers its own set challenges for your kids. Homesickness is often one of the first challenges your kids will have to overcome.

Next to leaving their friends and family, nothing hurts more than leaving a pet behind to start a whole new life. Pets aren’t only our animals; they are nothing less than the string that holds a family together. Since the very moment you held your beloved cat or dog in your arms, they became an indispensable part of you and your family. But what happens when your son or daughter packs up and heads off to college, where pet-friendly dorms are next to nonexistent?

Gone are the nights when your daughter can cuddle her kitten to sleep every night. Gone are your son’s afternoons at the dog park with his canine comrade. After a long day of classes, your student will surely notice the absence of their pet eager to greet them at the door. Pets are sensitive to absences as well, and may become disheartened when your child leaves for college. But the moment they come back for the holidays with a mountain of laundry in tote, your pet will identify their voice and smell and come running towards the entrance to welcome them home after so long.

But what if we told you that your almost-adult could take your family pet to college? Sounds impossible right, with all the strict regulations? Well, we can’t change laws, but we can suggest an graduation gift idea that will be a happy reminder of your pet and help your child feel right at home in their new surroundings.

Ease the transition into college life with a large-scale, high quality life-sized pet standup or a pet head cutout of your family pet. At PawprintsHQ, we offer various cutout sizes that can be artfully displayed in your child’s dormitory room. The freshman experience can be tough for many reasons, from adopting an independent lifestyle to handling the inevitable academic challenges to dealing with all-night study sessions. In stressful moments like these, a single glance at your customized pet print will eliminate this ever-increasing pressure and allow your child’s memories of their favorite four-legged friend to calm their mood.

Pets are your insurance for unconditional love; their affection is not bound under specific terms. They are our companions during the happy days, sad days, and tumultuous days, thus making life a little easier. But when academic pursuits means an absence from the family pet, it may be difficult for your freshman to cope. Make the transition easier by gifting your child with a little piece of home in the form of a customized pet photo. Not only will they impress their roommates with their adorable puppy, but they’ll strengthen a bond that distance will never break. Moreover, the cutout will serve as a reminder that staying strong through this phase will only bring your child closer to the most awaited reunion of the year!